Corporate Wellness

In today’s urban world with changing modes of transportation people eat on the go cheap, high calorie food. There is no surprise that obesity increased in the last few years around the world. The population of overweight people has expanded rapidly in the developed world, in the United States, more than fifty five percent of adults are considered overweight by international standards. There is a growing number of evidence that obesity leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and some types of cancers. Obesity is not just a personal issue anymore, its economics issue for the employers. According to the Department of Health, obesity costs the UK economy around £2.6 billion a year. Therefore, obesity is a big liability in the corporate world because the stakeholders have to deal with direct and indirect costs of the overweight employees.

Direct costs are associated with outpatient and inpatient health services including drugs therapy, surgery, and various laboratory tests. Indirect costs could come from lost productivity meaning that obese workers often take sick days and work less than full capacity. Business owners will have to pay premium on life and health insurance for employees who are obese. Thus, preventive health programs are the key to keep employees healthy and to cut down the cost associated with obesity. Stress in the workplace is another major reason for loss of productivity and lower moral among employees.

Corporate Wellness programs designed by EAT WELL CO. are an excellent way to engage and motivate your employees to be healthier. We created coaching programs that take a comprehensive approach to promoting lifestyle change to improve eating habits and manage lifestyle change smoothly.
We can assist employers in establishing obesity-prevention programs and as well as effective programs that will help employees manage stress.

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This article was written on 01 Mar 2013.