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Food is an essential part of well-being; it’s the source of nutrition and energy which gives us physical stamina and mental strength. The human body is a complex machine that requires the right combination of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to work efficiently. Food is our fuel, and our health depends on what kind of fuel we use. That’s why the saying, “we are what we eat” became a popular manifesto. It’s common sense: if you consume unhealthy foods on a regular basis, sooner or later you will start experiencing health problems, resulting in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other issues.

There are many connections between diseases and our lifestyle choices. Our health is in our hands, and it’s not too difficult to stay in shape, by following a few simple rules: healthy nutrition, exercise, stress management, and proper rest. However, for some people, those simple rules seem to be challenging, due to dietary ignorance, poor self-discipline, sedentary lifestyle, laziness, and addiction to junk foods.

Personal well-being comes from understanding that you have a choice; you can quickly treat the symptoms with a pill or take a holistic approach and cure the problem. Holistic approach supports the balance between psychological, physical and social aspects of people’s lives. For almost every health problem we have a wide selection of pills, artificial supplements and other pharmaceutical products that hold the potential to possibly cure infections, and treat the symptoms quickly. Modern generation is relying highly on the artificial drugs. We think of pharmaceutical products but forget its heath hazardous front. many synthetic drugs have several disadvantages and severe side effects. They may help in treating one health problem but may also lead to several other health-related troubles on the other side. Artificial medicines are remarkably distinctive in their working as compared to their natural counterparts; even in the cases when they share the similar chemical composition. Human bodies have been created to deal with natural substances as they can easily identify them and understand the manner to utilize them advantageously. Our organs understand the manner in which they should eradicate substances at the time when their purpose is accomplished so that they do not gather toxins. Human bodies have not been shaped to cope with synthetic components. Most pharmaceuticals comprise of molecules which are not even known to vast majority of people. Human bodies are not aware about how to use them constructively or to remove them from the body. Therefore, most of the toxins may remain lying in the body for a long time and have an adverse effect on the body and health in general.

In recent years, the concept of wellness became a thought-provoking and hot topic. The increased interest in health education and wellness promotion contributed to the change in how modern society views healthy lifestyle. Over the last twenty to thirty years there has been a growing interest in the impact of natural remedies on people’s ability to heal themselves through natural methods, spirituality, ancient medical philosophies such as aromatherapy, acupuncture and yoga. Natural medicines have proved to be efficient in healing people thousands of years ago. Nature offers a broad range of plants that have medicinal traits. The dominant components which exist in the leaves, roots, seeds, fruits and flowers of some plants possess accepted remedial properties that are helpful in treating different health issues. For minor health-related issues, natural medicines are particularly recommended as they do not have any side effects and are comparatively less expensive. Alternative and traditional medicines have one big advantage over synthetic drugs; holistic philosophy is more concerned with intensification of the immune system and is thus directed towards exploring the reason for the problem rather than merely reliving the physical symptoms. The other benefit of alternative medicine is restoring the balance between spiritual and physical health.

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This article was written on 01 Mar 2013.