How to win the spring vitamin deficiency?

Spring beriberi – a very common phenomenon! Adults and children are equally affected after a long winter “starvation”, associated with a lack of sunlight and a certain monotony in the diet.

How to recognize, and then quickly cure beriberi – read our article!

Vitamin deficiency – symptoms

Symptoms in each case may be different – this is due to the fact that the body is experiencing a shortage in any particular vitamin, responsible for a particular function.Even more frequently observed poliavitaminoz – the lack of a number of necessary substances.More information can be found here.

In general, you should consider treatment if:

  • scaly skin
  • problems with nails and / or hair
  • falls vision, watery eyes
  • problems with the oral cavity – bleeding gums, ulcers,plaque
  • appear swelling
  • slack muscles
  • scattered attention
  • strays digestion
  • increasingly appears depressed mood

Found at more than two symptoms? Do not try to upset – this matter can be quickly and efficiently corrected, and we will certainly tell you how!

Recovery in this matter depends on the diet. Sticking to it is a snap – with vitamin deficiency can and should eat a variety of foods!
First of all, this array of delicious salads, which certainly had neglected during the winter period.Now, however, it is important to put them in the basis of the diet.In addition to the ease of preparation, you’ll get at least one more plus – missed by the abundance of vegetables the body will experience very different flavors.Treat yourself to cook something for a new prescription.

Second key point: the constant use of multivitamin complexes (they can pick up at the pharmacy) and vitamin cocktails.The last is very easy to cook at home, what can be read here.After such shock the body portion of useful substances would have to be reborn!Believe me, the formula: “beriberi = food” faithful.

And another important thing: walking outdoors.In the spring of the body especially needs sunbathing and plenty of oxygen.Even if the weather seems to be unpleasant – walk at least half an hour, the result is stunning!

Prevention of beriberi – the key to health and well-being!

We all know that is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it.First of all it is important to understand that preventive procedures is no big deal: every year our body is forced to readjust to certain cycles, and the main task is to help him in this.Unfortunately, the cycle of “Fall-Winter” and then “winter-spring” is often associated with stress, loss of strength, changes of mood – this in itself is not too inspired by the fact that health is closely involved.

It beriberi, a lack of essential vitamins and trace elements, the spring can cause a state of total apathy, from which come out at times very difficult.Do not let yourself get into a vicious circle of melancholy: watch out for food composition (ie, on which depends the deficiency disease – food), take vitamin complexes, play sports, and there too there will be forces to deal with urgent matters.

You will see: vivacity body will certainly entail a pep!Be healthy!


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This article was written on 09 May 2017.