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Dieting can never be a natural process, and most people lack the mindset to stick to strict diets. Fortunately, with healthy lifestyle changes, weight loss is no more an overwhelming task. A doable routine can make a big difference. That’s why we need to know about the 10 best diet books 2017.

Low Carb-ing – a book that helps you lower your carbohydrates intake

Low Carb-ing Among Friends by Jennifer Eloff has made its way to the 10 best diet books 2017. As a nutrition expert, Jennifer may think right person for learning from regarding adopting excellent weight loss strategies. The recipes in this diet book are completely free from sugar, gluten, and wheat.

It offers a variety of artificial and natural low-carb alternatives for daily ingredients. The book’s author along with other contributors will act as cheerleaders and coaches throughout people’s dieting journey.

The Wild Diet – tells what people should eat

The Wild Diet, by Abel James, is also one of the 10 best diet books 2017 that we are going to see. The weigh-loss journey undergone by the author has taught him a few things about weight loss. He says that it does not matter how people eat, but what they eat matters a lot.

Once he gave up factory-made, processed food and turned to wholesome, natural ingredients, he started burning massive amounts of fat. He began exercising regularly and lost the unwanted weight in the right manner.

Delicious Ella – of course, it is delicious

Deliciously Ella, one of the 10 best diet books 2016 written by Ella Woodward comprises of gluten-free, plant-based recipes. After she had become ill that made her weak, Ella gave up dairy, meat, and gluten and maintained a plant-based diet. Due to positive results, she started Deliciously Ella, a blog that she used to share her excellent ideas with others.

Now, we can find over 120 recipes in her cookbook. The author says that weight loss can be achieved by ignoring processed foods and opting for gluten-free, plant-based diet.

You: Staying Young – No one minds staying young

You: Staying Young, a diet book from Drs. Oz and Roizen is the owner’s manual to look good and feel great. These two names are quite popular in the health & dieting realm. Their latest book has turned to be a best seller. The authors focus on bioidentical hormones and telomeres in the most recent diet book. It explains how people can feel great and stay young with wholesome, healthy food.

The Fast Life – lose weight fast and safe

Pairing the nutritional benefits of the famous diet book The Diet with fitness regimens from The Fast Exercise, the author Dr, Mosley has come up with a comprehensive guide for leading a healthy lifestyle. The guide is known as The Fast Life.

This diet book has over 40 easy, quick recipes as well as latest discoveries about intermittent fasting. The diet book can be the right solution to overweight that people need. The meals seem delicious, and the exercises are simple, so as long as people to stay on the toes and try new things, this is one of the 10 best diet books 2017.

Crazy Sexy Diet – Definitely not for the crazies

For individuals who have not heard about Kris Carr, once she lived a standard life until she became a victim of an incurable and rare cancer. Maybe everyone should live like they have cancer. However, Crazy Sexy Diet will give people the ingredients, perspective and inspiration they need for making appropriate changes in their lives. This book helps people through tons of delicious juicing, cleanses, veggies as well as simple yet essential lifestyle changes.

French Women Don’t Get Fat – No woman would want to get fat

The author of French Women Don’t Get Fat, advises people to practice consuming food items like cheese, bread, chocolate and wine. This book based on French lifestyle has plenty of suggestions and ideas like walking, eating fresh foods, controlling portions, drinking a lot of water and including healthy staples. The best part is that the book advises people to enjoy themselves. The enormous success of this diet book has resulted in a cookbook.

Eat to Live – better not live to eat

One of the 10 best diet books 2017, Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D., has 200 nutrient-rich recipes which help people regarding lifelong health and weight loss. This book is not the right solution for people who want to get rid of the last 5 lbs. However, individuals who want to reboot their immune system for curing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease find it very beneficial.

This book suggests a diet that is rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, and minerals. The author says that avoiding sugar, processed foods, and animal products and opting for plant-based foods can result in a healthy weight loss.

What Are You Hungry For? – Be hungry for getting slimmer and healthier

What Are You Hungry For? By Deepak Chopra tackles weight loss issues from a different angle. It deals with weight-loss problems from an emotional point of view. The author suggests that people tend to overeat due to reasons like cravings for love, boredom and lack of self-confidence.

The book states that crash diets or overeating can’t solve these problems. Simply, the book says healing, emotional fulfillment and contentment can prevent unhealthy eating. Hence, people can become thinner, healthier and more mindful. The different approach is what makes this book one of the 10 best diet books 2016.

20 Pounds Younger – it makes you 20 years younger

20 Pounds Younger is the last among the 10 best diet books 2017 that we are looking at today. The book says that people can look twenty years younger if they can lose twenty pounds. Moreover, this book serves as a lifestyle manual. Through this book, people can get appropriate advice from people like nutritionists, meditation gurus, and yoga gurus.


Overweight, a problem faced by a lot of people have numerous solutions such as weight loss supplements, diet plans, exercises, and yoga and meditation sessions. While all these solutions are reliable, it is important to understand all these solutions may not work for everyone. Different people have different needs and schedules. So, to lose weight without harmful effects, people should first change their eating habits. When it comes to changing diet, everyone can’t be an expert dietitian. Hence, they would need the help of dietitians and health care experts. Or else, people can start their weight loss phase by going through any of the 10 best diet books 2017.

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