The Japanese share their secrets of longevity

There are a lot of people in Japan who are over 100 years old – age that seems incredible for us! In 2015 the number of such people exceeded 60 000. They make 15% of all people living in the world who are over 100 years old. Besides, the Japanese are full of energy and continue working till very advanced age.

What are the secrets that contribute to their longevity? Actually, there are no any secrets and people of Japan are ready to share their knowledge with all those who are interested in it. There are several factors that help them remain healthy and live longer than people in other countries.

  • The Japanese like to eat simple food.

They eat mainly fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods, white meat, fish and seafood. The Japanese cuisine is unique and differs greatly from cuisines in other countries.

  • The Japanese eat less than people in other countries.

People in Japan do not overeat. If people in USA consume at least 2500 calories, this figure in Japan is 1800. Only 3 of 100 people in Japan suffer from extra weight. Compare this result with result of France, where 9 of 100 have extra weight or with USA, where 30 people of 100 are overweight.

  • People in Japan eat slowly.

The culture of eating is very important for good health. It is necessary to digest food slowly and carefully. Person should never eat on the run. Enjoy each piece of your meal. Slow eating helps your brain understand that you are full. When you eat fast, you can overeat before you understand that that was enough for you.

  • The Japanese add vegetables almost to everything.

Vegetables are low calorie foods that include useful vitamins and elements.

  • The Japanese cuisine uses algae, spices and herbs.

Algae are rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins A, B, C, and E. It includes calcium, iodine that prevents thyroid diseases and destruction of bone tissue. Spices are not only tasty and add aroma to your meal but they are very useful. People in Japan use their good properties to improve health.

  • Soy is a substitute for meat and dairy products in Japanese cuisine.

The Japanese often eat soy instead of meat and dairy products. It is considered that it can protect people from health diseases and cancer.

Should we take all these principles into consideration? Japan has the lowest rate of heart diseases, breast cancer and prostate cancer. In average, the Japanese look 10 years younger than people of the same age in other countries.  They have a shining skin. So if you want to look great and be healthy, why not consider these factors when we decide upon nutrition. Healthy diet can’t be the only reason for longevity and there are other factors as well, but it plays a very important role. This is something we can control and we should not refuse from this opportunity.

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This article was written on 04 Aug 2016.

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