Bistec de palomilla is a most popular Cuban steak

All people who live in Cuba adore this meat dish. This is the most popular Cuban steak. It should be thin – about a quarter inch or so. Palomillo stands for “butterfly”. This refers to the way you prepare it – you split thick piece of meat into two thin halves.

Ingredients for 3 servings:

Meat – 12 ounces

1 minced garlic clove

Juice of one lime

Black pepper (freshly ground), salt – to taste

1,5 table spoons of olive oil (you can also use butter instead)

½ finely chopped onion

1,5 table spoons of finely chopped parsley

Cubans use skillet to cook it, but some of them prefer to grill meat to make this dish healthier. It is advised to choose sirloin for it. However, top round can be a good substitute as well, especially when you want to decrease the amount of fat in a dish. It is not necessary to choose soft meat as you can tenderize it with a mallet. This helps you to chew meat easier.

How to cook:

Take boneless steaks of sirloin or top round (to your taste). It is necessary to pound the steaks well with a mallet.

The ingredients for seasoning are garlic, lime juice, pepper and salt. Make marinade using these ingredients. Mix them.

Put the steaks in a layer and sprinkle with salt first.

Then pour marinade on the meat, use the plastic wrap on top and marinade meat for an hour in a fridge.

Pat drying is needed after you take meat out of the fridge and marinade. Do not throw marinade away as you will need it a little later.

Take the frying pan and fry pieces of meat in a heated oil. Use the medium heat to fry both sides of meat until brown. It is enough to cook the dish 2-3 minutes on one side and 2-3 minutes on the other. The meat is thin so it is cooked fast.

Put the fried steaks on a serving platter.

Bistec de palomilla is served with fried onion that is cut and fried in a marinade on the same frying pan. Onion is used as garnish. Add also parsley to serve the dish and lime wedges if you want to.

The dish is traditionally served with rice, either yellow, or white. Also, black beans are served with Bistec de palomilla.


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This article was written on 21 Jul 2016.

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