Top 5 High End Gourmet Produce Brands

I keep exploring high quality ingredients and food manufacturers. Today, I am happy to present my Top 5 favourite high quality and gourmet food brands and their products.

Delverde – Whole Wheat Organic Fissuli
Eat Well Co recommends this specific pasta because the Delverde is known to produce and select high-quality foodstuffs. Tjhsi American food manufacturer uses innovative and environmentally friendly methods to create healthy and authentic foods. The company states that it uses production methods by using only the purest water and the best durum wheat semolina. All Delverde products are perfect ingredients of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Caviar House and Prunier’s Salmon Fillet Tsar Nikolaj
According to the leading manufacturer of smoked salmon: “Upon its launch, this delicacy instantly created a culinary sensation and set new standards of quality, which forever changed the universe of smoked salmon”. The Fillet Tsar Nikolaj is considered one of the most luxury food products on earth for its high quality salmon, unique preparation, and impeccable taste.

Marvalcar Sanirbos Luxury Olive Oil
The company is founded in Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, located in the south of Spain, with the desire of conquering the palates of lovers of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The elaboration of precious olive oil comes from an organic cultivation arbequina, single variety olives, which are maintained with great care throughout the year, through continuous and strict quality controls by oil mill, independent laboratories, and relevant official bodies.

Rougie Terrine of Duck Foie Gras w/ Armagnac
Duck foie gras emulsion with flavored with Armagnac is delicious bread spread snack. Rougie, luxury food producer from Canada makes one of the most premium foie gras in the world. Québec farmers have domesticated this natural phenomenon year-long. After 12 weeks of free-range growing, ducks are individually hand-fed 2 meals a day for 10 to 11 days. The feed is Québec-grown corn, without any hormones or antibiotics allowing Rougie to produce delicious and healthy mulard duck products.

Edel de Cleron Coupe’ cow’s milk cheese
This unique and superb soft cheese continues to ripen in the wooden box in which it is sold. It has a pleasant aroma and a very distinct taste, creamy texture and a long aftertaste. Édel de Cléron is a traditional French cheese and the production stems from the climate and difficulties of living in the mountains. The cheese is made from lightly pasteurized cow’s milk, banded with a strip of bark and aged to develop the rich, creamy and runny body.

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This article was written on 10 Apr 2014.

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