Top 5 Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Creative and healthy cooking could be inspired by innovative kitchen gadgets, luxury cookware and appliances. Eat Well Co presents its favourite Top 5 luxury kitchen brands and its products.

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Sub-Zero, the industry leader in premium refrigeration and wine storage, is introducing a groundbreaking line of integrated refrigeration as part of the New Generation product launch. The new integrated refrigeration line is the culmination of Sub-Zero’s industry-leading food preservation technology and impeccable design which offers limitless flexibility for seamless incorporation into any kitchen.

Kitchen Aid
Premium wall oven by Kitchen Aid comes with advanced cooking capabilities; this luxury appliance is designed to give your recipes the treatment they deserve. And when it comes to technology there’s only one Even-Heat™ Technology. It ensures that all creations live up to your inspiration.

La Cornue

La Cornue is all about an ideal of excellence. That’s why you have to wait at least 2-3 months for your special Château and Cornuchef Rotisserie because these pieces are assembled by hand and by one person. Exceptional Rotesier by La Cornue is one of a kind masterpiece that is designed to create special roasted dishes.

Eat Well Co recommends mixers and blenders by Miele because its philosophy is all about durability, reliability, security and peace of mind. May be that’s why for over 100 years customers were so happy and kept coming back for more? This authentic German brand doesn’t need advertising; it’s a promise of quality and superb reputation.

Viking is most known on the American market for its highest quality products. Eat Well Co loves refigerators and ovens by Viking. It continues to create must-have appliances and it has ambitious plans to expand overseas. The major stand out point about this company that it started small and the main focus has always been on a customer, trying to improve and to provide best culinary lifestyle experience.

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This article was written on 31 Mar 2014.

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