Maldivian Gastronomic Adventure

Maldives is one of the best destinations for holidays, honeymoon and diving. This island nation is lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean just below the equator. Geographically speaking, Maldives is archipelago in South Asia located a few hundred miles south of Sri Lanka and southwest India. If you are travelling from South America or the US it could be a far travel, but it’s definitely worth it! This beautiful country consist of atolls, small ring shaped coral reefs surrounded by turquoise lagoons. Over the centuries this part of the world was dominated by Portuguese, Dutch and British Empires. Today Maldives has it all: luxury hotels, white sandy beaches, amazing marine life and distinguish cuisine. The flavours of Maldives express the rich history and influences from colonisation period and neighbouring countries. Most of the hotels will offer on the menu favourite international dishes such as hamburgers, club sandwich, pizza, fish and chips. However, if you are here, you should definitely try Maldivian curries, local sea food and exotic fruits.

maldivesMaldivians eat lots of tuna, it’s usually boiled, processed or grilled, raw fish is not part of the culture. One of the most popular daily dishes is “garudiya” a traditional fish soup that is served with onions, chillies and rice. Preparation is very easy: tuna is boiled in water together with spices such as curry leafs and dried sweet chilly. Soup is served with rice and lemon. Sounds very nutritious and healthy! Dried tuna is mainly used in snacks called “short eats”. Another popular creation is called “mashuni”, it is a typical breakfast dish made from smoked tuna and coconut. Coconuts are used in every Maldivian dish, it’s added to curries, deserts and drinks. Grated fresh coconut is also part of the Huni Roshi, a typical Maldivian flat bread. Curries are “must try” in Maldives, these dishes are highly influenced by Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines. Chicken curries are usually very spicy, vegetable curries contain sweet potato, green bananas and pumpkin. I have to say a few words about local Maldivian lobster also known as spiny lobster. This type of sea food looks a lot like a real lobster from North America or Mediterranean, however, this creature doesn’t have claws and it has juicy, tender and sweet meat. Many resorts catch sea food right at their door step by setting up traps near the reef. I hope you’ll enjoy my new introduction to the website – special mini videos about food, restaurants and quick and easy recipes. I am glad to present my first mini-series about Maldivian gastronomic adventure.

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This article was written on 18 Jun 2013.

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