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My journey to discover the benefits of healthy lifestyle started with personal experience. In my twenties, a few cups of coffee in the morning, a few glasses of wine in the evening, and junk food in between were not a problem. But once I have noticed that work overload, jet leg, and late dinners with clients were causing a rapid weight gain, and my stress levels were disrupting my sleep and furthermore contributing to bad moods and putting pressure on my relationship I realized that I had to do something. Changing lifestyle and old habits is hard. And it took me a while to turn my life around.

One of the catalysts that pushed me to learn more about lifestyle change was the loss of a very dear family member to a brutal pancreatic cancer fight. This is when I got exposed to the health care system, doctors and their methods. Surprisingly, none of the doctors in Europe or the US told us what caused cancer and what could you do to prevent it. Doctors were focusing on treating the disease and the symptoms but not on the root of the problem. When you are losing a loved one, you try to do everything to save them. Therefore, my family tried its best to find alternative methods and a cure. It inspired me to do an extensive research and learn more about preventive techniques and tools that can help to prevent many chronic diseases including cancer. I was astonished to find out that nutrition, exercises and stress management can have a significant effect on the physical and mental health as well as longevity.

Stress, fatigue, and low energy are all commonplace in modern times. People with hectic work schedules, busy travel itineraries, and demanding home routines face difficulties in trying to manage exhaustion and stress. Today, people are eating on the go, and as a result, junk food has overtaken salads and fruits as the meal of choice. There are a lot of documented studies that prove that unhealthy eating can cause metabolic dysfunction and obesity; it also increases the chances of developing diabetes and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic illnesses.

Eat Well Co. project is about how YOU can prevent yourself and your close ones from getting sick. This web site will tell you the truth about the power of the lifestyle change. Everything is in your hands and you are the one who has to make a choice in how radically you change your diet, how much exercise you’ll do and how many stress management methods you want to apply. We provide the awareness, information and research, you are the one making the change.

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This article was written on 01 Jan 2013.