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Hello and welcome to the world of wellness and nutrition, gastronomic adventures, fun recipes and restaurant reviews. I am Alina Reyzelman, and I am passionate about food, cooking, healthy lifestyle, learning and sharing my findings with you. I founded Eat Well Co to inspire others to be creative in the kitchen, and to encourage you to be curious about healthy eating habits. I go above and beyond to find the best tips and advice about nutrition, information about food producers, kitchen appliances and other best in class services and products. If I would have to describe Eat Well Co in a few words, I would say, it’s about how food could be sensual, it’s international project, it’s fun and informative and I try to do it with a touch of class.

My personal relationship with food has always been complicated. We had ups and downs, we had good times and serious issues. In the past, I was never happy with my weight; I could easily gain 20 pounds and then go straight to anorexic mode. Ten years ago I didn’t know about the power of nutrition and the consequences of bad diet and junk food consumption. I thought that food could never harm me. I was wrong. Our diet is directly linked with our health and well-being, therefore, I decide to research, to read, to learn how to cook and to write about what I learned. And this is what I discovered, food is not just the fuel for the body, it’s our medicine, the source of energy and positive attitude. I have collected all of my research into a book Sex Diet where I explore the relationship between healthy food and sexuality. The book provides in depth information about the connections among libido, exercise, attitude, and good sleep.

I am very lucky to travel around the world for my work and I enjoy collecting exotic and fun recipes from everywhere I go. Eat Well Co is not only about the right foods, healthy living and stress management diet, it’s also about the diversity of cuisines; it’s about how food connects people, and how it brings cultures closer together. I observe, I report and I bring you the most exciting news about ethnic dishes.

For me cooking is art. On one hand, cooking is another form of creative expression. On another, having a meal with your loved ones at home is an important ritual and tradition. Believe it or not, a few years ago I couldn’t even make scrambled eggs. Today I master quail in truffle sauce and make fresh homemade pasta. I exchange ideas with restaurant chefs and use my imagination to perfect recipes.

Come and join me on my expedition around the world to unveil amazing traditional recipes and find out more about healing properties of foods and the power of healthy nutrition. I will show you the world from a different angle, where healthy lifestyle can co-exist with gourmet food and balanced indulgence in the elegant manner. Please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and stay with me on this amazing journey.

Alina Reyzelman’s Professional Bio
Alina is entrepreneur, investor and business professional with 15 years experience working for major energy companies and consulting firms. Her first business venture was a company Moscow Concierge and in 2007 she also set up Elite Club Ltd. The firm offers wide range of services including luxury consulting, events management and customized travel. The company specializes in bespoke lifestyle management and offers online luxury guide. Alina has been involved in various startups, investments and business development projects throughout her career. Today, Berkeley Enterprise represents all of her business and creative projects under one umbrella.

Alina found a charity program Embrace the World in Russia. She helps Moscow families in need; she provides basic items and supplies to elders and supports children’s orphanages. Alina Reyzelman is a strong advocate of tolerance, her organization Be Tolerant focuses on promotion and teaching of tolerance and corporate diversity. She believes that tolerance is one of the keys to peace around the world. Alina is a PhD student and studies political science in London, UK and she encourages soft power diplomacy through her initiative Soft Diplomacy. She supports the diplomacy of soft power to promote one country’s interests abroad in the spiritual, cultural and intellectual spheres.

About Alina


This article was written on 01 Jan 2013.